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Vapor Barrier

A crawl space vapor barrier, when installed properly, will cover the ground 100 percent. It is typically in the form of plastic that acts as a barrier to prevent moisture from entering through the floor and walls. This provides a strong base level of moisture protection that every new home is required to have, and that every old home needs. New building code requires plastic to be 6 millimeters thick, which allows for more traffic and will provide increased moisture control. We partner with local distributors and have access to a variety of brands and thicknesses from 6 millimeters up to 20 millimeters.


This is the act of extending the vapor barrier from the ground up the walls and piers, only leaving a 4″ inspection gap on piers and the foundation walls. Every seam will be taped and all vents will also be sealed during an encapsulation. This is a the best way to reduce moisture and the risk of mold in the crawl space.


Rigid Foam, Subfloor, Attic

Hanging insulation? High Energy Bills? Cold Floors? Foul Odors?

Without proper insulation, the air from your HVAC system can easily escape through the crawl space sub floor. Insulation is installed to increase energy efficiency.

Attic – “We offer blow in insulation services for commercial and residential attics.”

Rigid Foam Board Insulation – Attached to the foundation walls after encapsulation versus the subfloor fiberglass.

Sub Floor – R-19 unfaced insulation is installed in between the floor joist of the sub floor.

Humidity Control

  • Air Inducer – Installing a small one-way vent that allows conditioned air to flow through the crawl space envelope.
  • Dehumidification system – Dehumidifiers are a permanent way to control moisture in the crawl space on every level.


Drainage & Sump Pump

Water in your crawl space? No problem! At Carolina Crawl Space Services, we dig deep. We have found that the water getting into your crawl space is not the problem, however, the water staying there or making its own path is. We place our drains right beside the interior foundation walls and lead them to the lowest point in the crawl space where we then install our sump pump systems. Our sump pump systems can be under any room as we only install the quietest pumps on the market!

Microbial Growth Treatment

Microbial growth in your crawl space can develop from the presence of moisture, high humidity, and water leakage. These conditions help this unwanted and hazardous allergen thrive. The EPA estimates 60% of the air on the first floor comes directly from the crawl space.

Botanical Based Power Mist – Carolina Crawl Space Services has achieved a cost-effective option for eliminating odors and killing microbial growth without cutting corners. The botanical based power fog treatment hits every corner of the crawl space with an EPA approved and botanical based solution. This kills growth and air borne spores on contact.

Debris Removal & Disposal

Most crawl spaces are only examined when services are required to be performed under the home. In some cases that could be decades. Call us today to find out what is in your crawl space.


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